Dental implants are a cutting edge, durable solution if you have one or more missing teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone, and is the perfect replacement for the root. The upper part of the implant is level with the gums, and it serves as a base for the suprastructure – the crown, bridge or dentures. Dental implants are an ideal aesthetic solution, since they are the most complete replacement for missing teeth – they can help you regain your self-esteem as well as increase the quality of your life.

Who is a dental implant candidate?

Prior to a dental implant treatment, you should make an appointment with your dentist for an evaluation. He or she will then analyze your x-rays in order to determine your oral health – if there is sufficient jaw bone available (both height and width), how close other anatomical structures are and if the state your of other teeth is satisfactory.

After the dental implant procedure, patients are required to practice very good oral hygiene, visit their dentist regularly and avoid bad habits, such as chewing on hard items.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are made from bio-compatible materials which your body won’t try to reject. Also, they will feel like your natural teeth. It is not necessary to re-contour neighboring teeth so that a bridge could be fitted onto them, nor do they cause issues that can accompany dentures. They preserve the natural contour of your face and smile.

Does dental implant treatment hurt?

Local anesthesia is used during placement of dental implants, therefore the patient won’t feel any pain.

How many teeth can dental implants replace?

You can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all your teeth with implants. Implants can support crowns, bridges or even special types of dentures (such as hybrid dentures, which are anchored to implants).

How long does the procedure last?

Depending on the number of implants being placed, and the complexity of the procedure itself, the duration of the surgery can vary from one to two hours for the first phase. Dental implant placement usually takes place in several phases spanning several days.

How mush does the procedure cost?

The cost of placement of dental implants in our dental center is several times lower than the cost of identical services abroad. Generally, the cost of dental services abroad is several times higher. This is the reason why we offer dental tourism services to foreigners. Prices differ depending on the manufacturer, quality of materials, as well as the complexity of the procedure.

On the basis of your x-rays, we would create a personalized plan designed to suit your needs and provide you with several options. Evaluation and consultations are complimentary, and you can make an appointment by phone: +381 64 3411219 (Viber, WhatsApp) or via our contact page.  We remain at your disposal for any further inquiries.