Teeth whitening is a procedure which restores natural brightness on darkened teeth. Also, teeth can be whitened beyond the natural shade, in order to be even brighter. Teeth whitening is not harmful to your teeth and can restore your self-confidence. Teeth whitening procedure is not painful and it is done without anesthesia.

How teeth whitening is performed?

There are several methods of teeth whitening. At Ilić Dent Dental Clinic, we use a safer and less aggressive method. Based on dental impressions that we take at our clinic, dental technician makes special transparent dental trays used for teeth whitening, which are perfect fit to your teeth. After a procedure by which plaque, calculus (tartar), teeth stains and discoloration are removed, we can start with teeth whitening. The patient will receives a teeth whitening gel and detailed instructions for handling the trays.

How long does teeth whitening take?

Trays with whitening gel should be worn for seven nights.

Can my crowns or dental fillings be whitened?

Teeth whitening works only for your natural teeth, with no fillings or crowns.

What if my crowns or fillings are darker than my natural teeth after the treatment?

After completion of the whitening process, you should wait for two weeks, in order for color obtained as a result of whitening to become stable. After that, it is possible to replace crowns or fillings.

How much does whitening of teeth in both jaws cost?

Whitening of teeth in both jaws costs EUR 150, and you can see full price list on our website.