A dental prosthesis is a prosthesis used to restore (reconstruct) a few missing teeth, or all of them.

What are types of dental prosthesis?

Prosthesis is used if the patient is entirely edentulous, i.e. total dentures when the patient is entirely without teeth, as well as if patient has a few natural teeth. These are partial dentures that can be skeletal, or visil dentures with a metal base, and partial plate dentures that are made of acrylic (denture material). Hybrid prosthesis is a prosthesis which is anchored on the implants. Immediate dentures are prosthesis that replaces the teeth immediately following the removal of natural teeth and are only temporary.

How prosthesis work?

Total dentures are held in place by suction against supporting tissue. Partial dentures are attached to the teeth by hooks or special elements, and are partly supported by the tissue. Hybrid prosthesis provide additional stability using implants.

How prosthesis is made?

With total dentures, first, impressions are made, on the basis of which the dental technician makes custom impression trays for much more detailed and accurate impression. In addition to these two types of impressions, for total dentures, vertical dimension of occlusion is also determined, and a test of dentures is performed, i.e., a test of the appearance of a future prosthesis before the final making.

With partial dentures, impressions are also made and different tests are performed before the final handover. The number of tests and stages of work depends on the type of the prosthesis.

In the case of hybrid prosthesis, in addition to inserting implants, there are also stages in the making of the prosthesis as well as the connection of the implants with the prosthesis into one whole.

With immediate dentures, impressions are made before removal of teeth or several weeks after. These dentures are only temporary.

How long does making of the prosthesis take?

Different types of prostheses have different complexity, and consequently a different time of making. In most cases, it is necessary to wait for about three to four weeks after the removal of the teeth, after which the prosthesis making procedure begins.

Price of the prosthesis?

You can check the price for total dentures, partial plate dentures, partial skeletal (visil) prosthesis on our pricing page, while the price of hybrid prosthesis depends on the number of implants and the type of the prosthesis. You will need to have an examination and additional analysis of the image so you can get the exact price of such prosthesis. Examination is free.