Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is the branch of medical tourism where the person repairs their teeth outside the country they live. You may combine your arrival with holiday and seeing local sights.

Despite numerous reasons for dental tourism, the main reason for patients to solve their dental problems in this manner or simply to make their smile more beautiful are significant savings. Residents of Western Europe, the United States of America, Canada, and other developed countries know how costly dental services are. Some procedures are even 10 times cheaper in our country, thus you can achieve a significant savings with combined price of return airplane ticket, accommodation and optional tourist visits. Personal experiences of our patients who underwent certain dental procedures abroad speak in favor of the argument that high price is not always accompanied by high quality of service.
In Dental Office Ilić Dent a team of various specialists with several decades’ experience is employed. In constant communication our team of doctors always searches for the best solution for each patient in collaboration. We use the best materials and equipment of renowned global manufacturers from Western Europe, the United States of America and Japan. The team’s expertise and equipment in the office provide world level of the provided service at much lower prices.

Additional services within dental tourism:

  1. Free transport from airport / bus station to the dental office
  2. Free consultation, therapy plan and indicative offer based on OPT projection. Projection of all teeth in upper and lower jaw which you can take in your country of residence and send us on the e-mail:
  3. Additional discounts for major interventions
  4. Local number so that we could keep in touch
  5. If you need accommodation, we ensure special discounts outside regular offer for our patients in accommodation facilities in immediate vicinity of the dental office:
  6. Free certificate of treatment in our office with prices based on which patients in some countries can have their costs refunded, as is the case in Switzerland.
  7. Tourist guide for tours in Belgrade and Serbia

All you have to do is wish a new smile, and we will arrange the rest!