Orthodontic appliances are used to set the teeth to the correct position and to correct irregular bite in order to improve the health of patient’s teeth. These appliances are also used to close the diastema (the gap between the teeth).

What are the types of orthodontic appliances?

There are removable appliances – retainers, that can be removed and are used mainly by children, as well as fixed appliances – braces, for adult patients

How fixed appliances work?

These appliances constantly push the teeth with a certain pressure and in this way cause bone resorption on one side and the formation of bones on the other side of the jaw and thus cause the movement of the teeth.

What are clear corrective aligners?

Based on the 3D image (a special type of image that shows teeth and jaws in all 3 dimensions), several special clear aligners are made, which are periodically changed, and they cause the movement of teeth to the desired position.

What is the price?

You can see the full price list of the Dental Clinic at our pricing page.